Source code for tllib.ranking.nce

@author: Yong Liu
import numpy as np

__all__ = ['negative_conditional_entropy']

[docs]def negative_conditional_entropy(source_labels: np.ndarray, target_labels: np.ndarray): r""" Negative Conditional Entropy in `Transferability and Hardness of Supervised Classification Tasks (ICCV 2019) <>`_. The NCE :math:`\mathcal{H}` can be described as: .. math:: \mathcal{H}=-\sum_{y \in \mathcal{C}_t} \sum_{z \in \mathcal{C}_s} \hat{P}(y, z) \log \frac{\hat{P}(y, z)}{\hat{P}(z)} where :math:`\hat{P}(z)` is the empirical distribution and :math:`\hat{P}\left(y \mid z\right)` is the empirical conditional distribution estimated by source and target label. Args: source_labels (np.ndarray): predicted source labels. target_labels (np.ndarray): groud-truth target labels. Shape: - source_labels: (N, ) elements in [0, :math:`C_s`), with source class number :math:`C_s`. - target_labels: (N, ) elements in [0, :math:`C_t`), with target class number :math:`C_t`. """ C_t = int(np.max(target_labels) + 1) C_s = int(np.max(source_labels) + 1) N = len(source_labels) joint = np.zeros((C_t, C_s), dtype=float) # placeholder for the joint distribution, shape [C_t, C_s] for s, t in zip(source_labels, target_labels): s = int(s) t = int(t) joint[t, s] += 1.0 / N p_z = joint.sum(axis=0, keepdims=True) p_target_given_source = (joint / p_z).T # P(y | z), shape [C_s, C_t] mask = p_z.reshape(-1) != 0 # valid Z, shape [C_s] p_target_given_source = p_target_given_source[mask] + 1e-20 # remove NaN where p(z) = 0, add 1e-20 to avoid log (0) entropy_y_given_z = np.sum(- p_target_given_source * np.log(p_target_given_source), axis=1, keepdims=True) conditional_entropy = np.sum(entropy_y_given_z * p_z.reshape((-1, 1))[mask]) return -conditional_entropy


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