Source code for tllib.self_training.mean_teacher

import copy
from typing import Optional
import torch

def set_requires_grad(net, requires_grad=False):
    Set requires_grad=False for all the parameters to avoid unnecessary computations
    for param in net.parameters():
        param.requires_grad = requires_grad

[docs]class EMATeacher(object): r""" Exponential moving average model from `Mean teachers are better role models: Weight-averaged consistency targets improve semi-supervised deep learning results (NIPS 2017) <>`_ We use :math:`\theta_t'` to denote parameters of the teacher model at training step t, use :math:`\theta_t` to denote parameters of the student model at training step t. Given decay factor :math:`\alpha`, we update the teacher model in an exponential moving average manner .. math:: \theta_t'=\alpha \theta_{t-1}' + (1-\alpha)\theta_t Args: model (torch.nn.Module): the student model alpha (float): decay factor for EMA. Inputs: x (tensor): input tensor Examples:: >>> classifier = ImageClassifier(backbone, num_classes=31, bottleneck_dim=256).to(device) >>> # initialize teacher model >>> teacher = EMATeacher(classifier, 0.9) >>> num_iterations = 1000 >>> for _ in range(num_iterations): >>> # x denotes input of one mini-batch >>> # you can get teacher model's output by teacher(x) >>> y_teacher = teacher(x) >>> # when you want to update teacher, you should call teacher.update() >>> teacher.update() """ def __init__(self, model, alpha): self.model = model self.alpha = alpha self.teacher = copy.deepcopy(model) set_requires_grad(self.teacher, False) def set_alpha(self, alpha: float): assert alpha >= 0 self.alpha = alpha def update(self): for teacher_param, param in zip(self.teacher.parameters(), self.model.parameters()): = self.alpha * teacher_param + (1 - self.alpha) * param def __call__(self, x: torch.Tensor): return self.teacher(x) def train(self, mode: Optional[bool] = True): self.teacher.train(mode) def eval(self): self.train(False) def state_dict(self): return self.teacher.state_dict() def load_state_dict(self, state_dict): self.teacher.load_state_dict(state_dict) @property def module(self): return self.teacher.module
def update_bn(model, ema_model): """ Replace batch normalization statistics of the teacher model with that ot the student model """ for m2, m1 in zip(ema_model.named_modules(), model.named_modules()): if ('bn' in m2[0]) and ('bn' in m1[0]): bn2, bn1 = m2[1].state_dict(), m1[1].state_dict() bn2['running_mean'].data.copy_(bn1['running_mean'].data) bn2['running_var'].data.copy_(bn1['running_var'].data) bn2['num_batches_tracked'].data.copy_(bn1['num_batches_tracked'].data)


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