Source code for tllib.self_training.pi_model

@author: Baixu Chen
from typing import Callable, Optional
import numpy as np
import torch
from torch import nn as nn

def sigmoid_warm_up(current_epoch, warm_up_epochs: int):
    """Exponential warm up function from `Temporal Ensembling for Semi-Supervised Learning
    (ICLR 2017) <>`_.
    assert warm_up_epochs >= 0
    if warm_up_epochs == 0:
        return 1.0
        current_epoch = np.clip(current_epoch, 0.0, warm_up_epochs)
        process = 1.0 - current_epoch / warm_up_epochs
        return float(np.exp(-5.0 * process * process))

[docs]class ConsistencyLoss(nn.Module): r""" Consistency loss between two predictions. Given distance measure :math:`D`, predictions :math:`p_1, p_2`, binary mask :math:`mask`, the consistency loss is .. math:: D(p_1, p_2) * mask Args: distance_measure (callable): Distance measure function. reduction (str, optional): Specifies the reduction to apply to the output: ``'none'`` | ``'mean'`` | ``'sum'``. ``'none'``: no reduction will be applied, ``'mean'``: the sum of the output will be divided by the number of elements in the output, ``'sum'``: the output will be summed. Default: ``'mean'`` Inputs: - p1: the first prediction - p2: the second prediction - mask: binary mask. Default: 1. (use all samples when calculating loss) Shape: - p1, p2: :math:`(N, C)` where C means the number of classes. - mask: :math:`(N, )` where N means mini-batch size. """ def __init__(self, distance_measure: Callable, reduction: Optional[str] = 'mean'): super(ConsistencyLoss, self).__init__() self.distance_measure = distance_measure self.reduction = reduction def forward(self, p1: torch.Tensor, p2: torch.Tensor, mask=1.): cons_loss = self.distance_measure(p1, p2) cons_loss = cons_loss * mask if self.reduction == 'mean': return cons_loss.mean() elif self.reduction == 'sum': return cons_loss.sum() else: return cons_loss
[docs]class L2ConsistencyLoss(ConsistencyLoss): r""" L2 consistency loss. Given two predictions :math:`p_1, p_2` and binary mask :math:`mask`, the L2 consistency loss is .. math:: \text{MSELoss}(p_1, p_2) * mask """ def __init__(self, reduction: Optional[str] = 'mean'): def l2_distance(p1: torch.Tensor, p2: torch.Tensor): return ((p1 - p2) ** 2).sum(dim=1) super(L2ConsistencyLoss, self).__init__(l2_distance, reduction)


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