Source code for tllib.self_training.pseudo_label

@author: Baixu Chen

import torch.nn as nn
import torch.nn.functional as F

[docs]class ConfidenceBasedSelfTrainingLoss(nn.Module): """ Self training loss that adopts confidence threshold to select reliable pseudo labels from `Pseudo-Label : The Simple and Efficient Semi-Supervised Learning Method for Deep Neural Networks (ICML 2013) <>`_. Args: threshold (float): Confidence threshold. Inputs: - y: unnormalized classifier predictions. - y_target: unnormalized classifier predictions which will used for generating pseudo labels. Returns: A tuple, including - self_training_loss: self training loss with pseudo labels. - mask: binary mask that indicates which samples are retained (whose confidence is above the threshold). - pseudo_labels: generated pseudo labels. Shape: - y, y_target: :math:`(minibatch, C)` where C means the number of classes. - self_training_loss: scalar. - mask, pseudo_labels :math:`(minibatch, )`. """ def __init__(self, threshold: float): super(ConfidenceBasedSelfTrainingLoss, self).__init__() self.threshold = threshold def forward(self, y, y_target): confidence, pseudo_labels = F.softmax(y_target.detach(), dim=1).max(dim=1) mask = (confidence > self.threshold).float() self_training_loss = (F.cross_entropy(y, pseudo_labels, reduction='none') * mask).mean() return self_training_loss, mask, pseudo_labels


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