Source code for tllib.utils.analysis.a_distance

@author: Junguang Jiang
from import TensorDataset
import torch
import torch.nn as nn
import torch.nn.functional as F
from import DataLoader
from torch.optim import SGD
from ..meter import AverageMeter
from ..metric import binary_accuracy

class ANet(nn.Module):
    def __init__(self, in_feature):
        super(ANet, self).__init__()
        self.layer = nn.Linear(in_feature, 1)
        self.sigmoid = nn.Sigmoid()

    def forward(self, x):
        x = self.layer(x)
        x = self.sigmoid(x)
        return x

[docs]def calculate(source_feature: torch.Tensor, target_feature: torch.Tensor, device, progress=True, training_epochs=10): """ Calculate the :math:`\mathcal{A}`-distance, which is a measure for distribution discrepancy. The definition is :math:`dist_\mathcal{A} = 2 (1-2\epsilon)`, where :math:`\epsilon` is the test error of a classifier trained to discriminate the source from the target. Args: source_feature (tensor): features from source domain in shape :math:`(minibatch, F)` target_feature (tensor): features from target domain in shape :math:`(minibatch, F)` device (torch.device) progress (bool): if True, displays a the progress of training A-Net training_epochs (int): the number of epochs when training the classifier Returns: :math:`\mathcal{A}`-distance """ source_label = torch.ones((source_feature.shape[0], 1)) target_label = torch.zeros((target_feature.shape[0], 1)) feature =[source_feature, target_feature], dim=0) label =[source_label, target_label], dim=0) dataset = TensorDataset(feature, label) length = len(dataset) train_size = int(0.8 * length) val_size = length - train_size train_set, val_set =, [train_size, val_size]) train_loader = DataLoader(train_set, batch_size=2, shuffle=True) val_loader = DataLoader(val_set, batch_size=8, shuffle=False) anet = ANet(feature.shape[1]).to(device) optimizer = SGD(anet.parameters(), lr=0.01) a_distance = 2.0 for epoch in range(training_epochs): anet.train() for (x, label) in train_loader: x = label = anet.zero_grad() y = anet(x) loss = F.binary_cross_entropy(y, label) loss.backward() optimizer.step() anet.eval() meter = AverageMeter("accuracy", ":4.2f") with torch.no_grad(): for (x, label) in val_loader: x = label = y = anet(x) acc = binary_accuracy(y, label) meter.update(acc, x.shape[0]) error = 1 - meter.avg / 100 a_distance = 2 * (1 - 2 * error) if progress: print("epoch {} accuracy: {} A-dist: {}".format(epoch, meter.avg, a_distance)) return a_distance


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