Source code for tllib.utils.metric

import torch
import prettytable

__all__ = ['keypoint_detection']

def binary_accuracy(output: torch.Tensor, target: torch.Tensor) -> float:
    """Computes the accuracy for binary classification"""
    with torch.no_grad():
        batch_size = target.size(0)
        pred = (output >= 0.5).float().t().view(-1)
        correct = pred.eq(target.view(-1)).float().sum()
        correct.mul_(100. / batch_size)
        return correct

[docs]def accuracy(output, target, topk=(1,)): r""" Computes the accuracy over the k top predictions for the specified values of k Args: output (tensor): Classification outputs, :math:`(N, C)` where `C = number of classes` target (tensor): :math:`(N)` where each value is :math:`0 \leq \text{targets}[i] \leq C-1` topk (sequence[int]): A list of top-N number. Returns: Top-N accuracies (N :math:`\in` topK). """ with torch.no_grad(): maxk = max(topk) batch_size = target.size(0) _, pred = output.topk(maxk, 1, True, True) pred = pred.t() correct = pred.eq(target[None]) res = [] for k in topk: correct_k = correct[:k].flatten().sum(dtype=torch.float32) res.append(correct_k * (100.0 / batch_size)) return res
[docs]class ConfusionMatrix(object): def __init__(self, num_classes): self.num_classes = num_classes self.mat = None
[docs] def update(self, target, output): """ Update confusion matrix. Args: target: ground truth output: predictions of models Shape: - target: :math:`(minibatch, C)` where C means the number of classes. - output: :math:`(minibatch, C)` where C means the number of classes. """ n = self.num_classes if self.mat is None: self.mat = torch.zeros((n, n), dtype=torch.int64, device=target.device) with torch.no_grad(): k = (target >= 0) & (target < n) inds = n * target[k].to(torch.int64) + output[k] self.mat += torch.bincount(inds, minlength=n**2).reshape(n, n)
def reset(self): self.mat.zero_()
[docs] def compute(self): """compute global accuracy, per-class accuracy and per-class IoU""" h = self.mat.float() acc_global = torch.diag(h).sum() / h.sum() acc = torch.diag(h) / h.sum(1) iu = torch.diag(h) / (h.sum(1) + h.sum(0) - torch.diag(h)) return acc_global, acc, iu
# def reduce_from_all_processes(self): # if not torch.distributed.is_available(): # return # if not torch.distributed.is_initialized(): # return # torch.distributed.barrier() # torch.distributed.all_reduce(self.mat) def __str__(self): acc_global, acc, iu = self.compute() return ( 'global correct: {:.1f}\n' 'average row correct: {}\n' 'IoU: {}\n' 'mean IoU: {:.1f}').format( acc_global.item() * 100, ['{:.1f}'.format(i) for i in (acc * 100).tolist()], ['{:.1f}'.format(i) for i in (iu * 100).tolist()], iu.mean().item() * 100)
[docs] def format(self, classes: list): """Get the accuracy and IoU for each class in the table format""" acc_global, acc, iu = self.compute() table = prettytable.PrettyTable(["class", "acc", "iou"]) for i, class_name, per_acc, per_iu in zip(range(len(classes)), classes, (acc * 100).tolist(), (iu * 100).tolist()): table.add_row([class_name, per_acc, per_iu]) return 'global correct: {:.1f}\nmean correct:{:.1f}\nmean IoU: {:.1f}\n{}'.format( acc_global.item() * 100, acc.mean().item() * 100, iu.mean().item() * 100, table.get_string())


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