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@author: Baixu Chen
from .basedataset import BaseImageDataset
from typing import Callable
from PIL import Image
import os
import os.path as osp
from import download

[docs]class MSMT17(BaseImageDataset): """MSMT17 dataset from `Person Transfer GAN to Bridge Domain Gap for Person Re-Identification (CVPR 2018) <>`_. Dataset statistics: - identities: 4101 - images: 32621 (train) + 11659 (query) + 82161 (gallery) - cameras: 15 Args: root (str): Root directory of dataset verbose (bool, optional): If true, print dataset statistics after loading the dataset. Default: True """ dataset_dir = '.' archive_name = '' dataset_url = '' def __init__(self, root, verbose=True): super(MSMT17, self).__init__() download(root, self.dataset_dir, self.archive_name, self.dataset_url) self.relative_dataset_dir = self.dataset_dir self.dataset_dir = osp.join(root, self.dataset_dir) self.train_dir = osp.join(self.dataset_dir, 'bounding_box_train') self.query_dir = osp.join(self.dataset_dir, 'query') self.gallery_dir = osp.join(self.dataset_dir, 'bounding_box_test') required_files = [self.dataset_dir, self.train_dir, self.query_dir, self.gallery_dir] self.check_before_run(required_files) self.train = self.process_dir(self.train_dir) self.query = self.process_dir(self.query_dir) = self.process_dir(self.gallery_dir) if verbose: print("=> MSMT17 loaded") self.print_dataset_statistics(self.train, self.query, self.num_train_pids, self.num_train_imgs, self.num_train_cams = self.get_imagedata_info(self.train) self.num_query_pids, self.num_query_imgs, self.num_query_cams = self.get_imagedata_info(self.query) self.num_gallery_pids, self.num_gallery_imgs, self.num_gallery_cams = self.get_imagedata_info( def process_dir(self, dir_path): image_list = os.listdir(dir_path) dataset = [] pid_container = set() for image_path in image_list: pid, cid, _ = image_path.split('_') pid = int(pid) cid = int(cid[1:]) - 1 # index starts from 0 full_image_path = osp.join(dir_path, image_path) dataset.append((full_image_path, pid, cid)) pid_container.add(pid) # check if pid starts from 0 and increments with 1 for idx, pid in enumerate(pid_container): assert idx == pid, "See code comment for explanation" return dataset
[docs] def translate(self, transform: Callable, target_root: str): """ Translate an image and save it into a specified directory Args: transform (callable): a transform function that maps images from one domain to another domain target_root (str): the root directory to save images """ os.makedirs(target_root, exist_ok=True) translated_dataset_dir = osp.join(target_root, self.relative_dataset_dir) translated_train_dir = osp.join(translated_dataset_dir, 'bounding_box_train') translated_query_dir = osp.join(translated_dataset_dir, 'query') translated_gallery_dir = osp.join(translated_dataset_dir, 'bounding_box_test') print("Translating dataset with image to image transform...") self.translate_dir(transform, self.train_dir, translated_train_dir) self.translate_dir(None, self.query_dir, translated_query_dir) self.translate_dir(None, self.gallery_dir, translated_gallery_dir) print("Translation process is done, save dataset to {}".format(translated_dataset_dir))
def translate_dir(self, transform, origin_dir: str, target_dir: str): image_list = os.listdir(origin_dir) for image_name in image_list: if not image_name.endswith(".jpg"): continue image_path = osp.join(origin_dir, image_name) image = translated_image_path = osp.join(target_dir, image_name) translated_image = image if transform: translated_image = transform(image) os.makedirs(os.path.dirname(translated_image_path), exist_ok=True)


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