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@author: Junguang Jiang
from typing import Dict, Optional, List

import torch
from detectron2.structures import ImageList, Instances
from detectron2.modeling.proposal_generator import (

[docs]@PROPOSAL_GENERATOR_REGISTRY.register() class TLRPN(RPN): """ Region Proposal Network, introduced by `Faster R-CNN`. Args: in_features (list[str]): list of names of input features to use head (nn.Module): a module that predicts logits and regression deltas for each level from a list of per-level features anchor_generator (nn.Module): a module that creates anchors from a list of features. Usually an instance of :class:`AnchorGenerator` anchor_matcher (Matcher): label the anchors by matching them with ground truth. box2box_transform (Box2BoxTransform): defines the transform from anchors boxes to instance boxes batch_size_per_image (int): number of anchors per image to sample for training positive_fraction (float): fraction of foreground anchors to sample for training pre_nms_topk (tuple[float]): (train, test) that represents the number of top k proposals to select before NMS, in training and testing. post_nms_topk (tuple[float]): (train, test) that represents the number of top k proposals to select after NMS, in training and testing. nms_thresh (float): NMS threshold used to de-duplicate the predicted proposals min_box_size (float): remove proposal boxes with any side smaller than this threshold, in the unit of input image pixels anchor_boundary_thresh (float): legacy option loss_weight (float|dict): weights to use for losses. Can be single float for weighting all rpn losses together, or a dict of individual weightings. Valid dict keys are: "loss_rpn_cls" - applied to classification loss "loss_rpn_loc" - applied to box regression loss box_reg_loss_type (str): Loss type to use. Supported losses: "smooth_l1", "giou". smooth_l1_beta (float): beta parameter for the smooth L1 regression loss. Default to use L1 loss. Only used when `box_reg_loss_type` is "smooth_l1" Inputs: - images (ImageList): input images of length `N` - features (dict[str, Tensor]): input data as a mapping from feature map name to tensor. Axis 0 represents the number of images `N` in the input data; axes 1-3 are channels, height, and width, which may vary between feature maps (e.g., if a feature pyramid is used). - gt_instances (list[Instances], optional): a length `N` list of `Instances`s. Each `Instances` stores ground-truth instances for the corresponding image. - labeled (bool, optional): whether has ground-truth label. Default: True Outputs: - proposals: list[Instances]: contains fields "proposal_boxes", "objectness_logits" - loss: dict[Tensor] or None """ def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs): super(TLRPN, self).__init__(*args, **kwargs) def forward( self, images: ImageList, features: Dict[str, torch.Tensor], gt_instances: Optional[List[Instances]] = None, labeled: Optional[bool] = True ): features = [features[f] for f in self.in_features] # print(torch.max(features[0])) anchors = self.anchor_generator(features) pred_objectness_logits, pred_anchor_deltas = self.rpn_head(features) # Transpose the Hi*Wi*A dimension to the middle: pred_objectness_logits = [ # (N, A, Hi, Wi) -> (N, Hi, Wi, A) -> (N, Hi*Wi*A) score.permute(0, 2, 3, 1).flatten(1) for score in pred_objectness_logits ] pred_anchor_deltas = [ # (N, A*B, Hi, Wi) -> (N, A, B, Hi, Wi) -> (N, Hi, Wi, A, B) -> (N, Hi*Wi*A, B) x.view(x.shape[0], -1, self.anchor_generator.box_dim, x.shape[-2], x.shape[-1]) .permute(0, 3, 4, 1, 2) .flatten(1, -2) for x in pred_anchor_deltas ] if and labeled: gt_labels, gt_boxes = self.label_and_sample_anchors(anchors, gt_instances) losses = self.losses( anchors, pred_objectness_logits, gt_labels, pred_anchor_deltas, gt_boxes ) else: losses = {} proposals = self.predict_proposals( anchors, pred_objectness_logits, pred_anchor_deltas, images.image_sizes ) return proposals, losses


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